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What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that disables the brain and the spinal cord, in other words it leaves the central nervous system of no use since it makes it disabled completely. People are not sure about exactly what it is and many of them are seen asking the question, “what is MS?”

It is when the immune system starts attacking the myelin that covers the fiber nerves and this makes it hard for the brain to send signals to rest of the body, this is how the disruption begins and the whole idea revolves around it. When the signals are not transmitted by the brain in the right manner, the nerve damage can say to the intensity of the disease, some people with a severe Multiple sclerosis have an inability to be able to walk right, and many people whose nervous system is not damaged that much go through long periods of remission and they do not get any new symptoms too for that period of time.

Talking about the symptoms:

You would feel that your body is going numb, as in you would feel that one or more of the limbs in your body do not feel strong as in you would feel weak, and that would happen usually on one side of the body at a time. In most cases it starts with the legs and then attacks the trunk.

There would be sensations that you would feel, something like an electric shock when you move your neck or try to bring it forward.

You would not be able to coordinate, it would be extremely hard for you to keep up and along with a blurred vision it would be really hard to get a lot of the work done on time in that case for that matter then.

You would feel dizziness, fatigue, and a slurred speech when the symptoms are highly visible, most people get a double vision when they experience what we call is what is secondary progressive MS life expectancy.

There is a complete course that would help these people in remitting the disease, and following all the periods quietly have helped them immensely and many times and that is what people look forward to in times like these when we are all stuck at our homes in the times of pandemic, when we cannot get a proper treatment, these course are very important for us to make sure that even if we stay at our homes, we are looked out for and that we do not face any problems or any difficulty at this point in time too in this case.